Scot MacDonald
Right to Farm
30th Nov 2017

Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, the Central Coast and the Hunter

The Land

Dear Editor,

Planning matters to farming. More and more agricultural operations are encountering challenges across NSW as it changes, develops, intensifies and encounters environmental and urban groups not automatically supportive of primary industries.

The NSW Liberal National Government is reviewing four State Environmental Planning Policies and the Sydney Regional Environmental Plan 8 (Central Coast Plateau Areas). The four SEPPs cover rural lands, intensive agriculture, farm dams and aquaculture.

NSW Planning proposes to replace these five instruments with a Primary Production and Rural Development SEPP. As Planning says "It is essential to the future health of agricultural industries that the NSW planning framework provides certainty, confidence and consistency to support investment in new and existing primary production."

I believe it is very important farmers and representative organisations review these draft changes. Anyone who believes there is a threat to the 'right to farm' should take notice. 

To assist understanding the review, I have asked NSW Planning to hold a forum to explain the proposed new SEPP.

It will be held at 9.30am, Monday the 4th December at Cessnock. To express an interest in attending; 'Have your Say'; or more information on the SEPPS please contact NSW Planning  or 1300 305695