Scot MacDonald
Opinion Piece - Maitland Hospital
6th Dec 2017

Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter

Maitland Mercury

Wednesday 6th December 2017


The people of Maitland have been waiting far too long for a new hospital, and I do not shy away from the fact that Labor has been a complete roadblock to delivering a new hospital for Maitland.

I remind readers that Labor was sending NSW broke, and was sending the Hunter broke. Labor couldn’t manage the economy, couldn’t manage funds and never had the inclination to serve the people of Maitland with a new hospital.

It took a Liberal National Government to do that. I am proud of what our Government has done and I am proud of what our Government is going to deliver - a massive stimulus to the local economy with $450 million of public money and significant additional funds from the successful partner.

Off the back of a thorough Expression of Interest process, the Government will soon announce a shortlist of not-for-profit health providers.

The shortlist of not-for-profit health providers will move to the request for proposals (RFP) phase. 

The Government has always said that it will weigh these proposals and evaluate them on the basis that there is a greater benefit to the community than can be delivered by Government funding alone.

Evaluating these proposals requires careful consideration.  The Government will not be rushed by Labor, and will take all the time necessary to ensure the best decision will deliver a first class hospital for the community that continues to offer free public healthcare.

I would like to thank the community for their patience, and look forward to the Government continuing to deliver for the people of Maitland.