Scot MacDonald
Letter to the Editor - Hospital on Track
5th Jan 2018

Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter

Maitland Mercury

Dear Editor

2018 should be an exciting year for the Maitland region. Late last year, the NSW Liberal National government announced the commencement of enabling works for the new Hospital at the Metford Rd site.

One of my goals this year will be to do everything I can to keep this $450million project on track.

It is very important to maintain this momentum to prevent the Labor Party from derailing this critical piece of Health infrastructure.

The ALP Health spokesperson has said in Parliament he will 'review' all contracts. Everyone one of us should be concerned about the lack of commitment by Labor to a new Maitland Hospital. 

In State politics there is a well known practice called the 'Macquarie Street two card trick'. Basically it is when a local MP makes a lot of noise in their electorate about an issue, but can't or won't deliver in Macquarie Street. Hoping no one will notice. This is the state of Labor in Maitland. Lots of noise , but no delivery.

Right now the Labor Opposition has not listed a new Maitland Hospital as a priority. It is not on their Health Infrastructure wish list. See their flyer below - 

So we have the situation where not only is the Labor Party undermining the NSW Government's plans for the new hospital at Metford, the ALP haven't seen fit to prioritise Maitland.

There is a roadblock to better Health infrastructure in Maitland. It is the Labor Party. It is up to everyone in Maitland to call out the ALP and tell them to stop playing politics with the community's wellbeing. Tell them to back yours and the Government's plan to build a world class hospital for the Lower Hunter.