Scot MacDonald
Letter to the Editor - Feedback one year on
26th Mar 2018

Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter

Newcastle Herald

Dear Editor,

Friday morning began for me at 6am on Broadmeadow Railway Station. Friday marked one year to the March 2019 State election.

I thought it was important to speak to train users and give out more flyers showing some   of the details of the new Inter City Fleet coming next year. I did get a few questions about the seating arrangements, but overwhelming the response was to ask how soon before the new fleet starts servicing the Hunter. 

The other feedback I got I wasn't expecting was the big improvement in the bus services to Broadmeadow station. Transport staff confirmed that bus passengers used to be dropped in the dark away from the station.

There is nothing like unvarnished input to know how you are travelling as a Government. I think I could sum it up as many people don't buy the negativity of the local Labor MPs; the changes in the Hunter have been long overdue; and get on with delivery of better services and Infrastructure.

We'll continue to take soundings over the next twelve months. I think it is important to acknowledge where we could do better and that includes faster progressing works like the Nelson Bay Road upgrade. Equally no previous Party or Government can match the investment now taking shape across the Hunter in health, roads, schools, transport, emergency services and urban renewal.

In 2015, the Labor candidates and members promised to restore the heavy rail into the Newcastle CBD. The only Party in that election committing to less investment in the Hunter. Within weeks of the election the ALP broke the promise. Telling us everything we need to know about the character, credibility and vision of the Labor representatives.

In 2019, it will be a pretty clear choice. Old Labor with its sense of entitlement and do nothing approach for the Hunter. Or Liberal candidates who believe in Newcastle and the Hunter and have the capacity and drive to maintain the momentum and investment.