Scot MacDonald
Letter to the Editor - A Necessary Change
2nd May 2018

Maitland Mercury

Dear Editor,

In "Raising the Barr" Clayton Barr MP first tries to make the case the NSW Liberal National Government should not have reformed Greenslips, then goes on to criticise the mechanism for refunding savings to Greenslips. 

However when the Legislation went through Parliament, Mr Barr neither spoke on the Bill or voted against it. In Parliament there is a name for MPs who have lots to say on an issue in their community, but do the opposite in Macquarie Street. It isn't flattering. 

Reforms of the CTP were long overdue. NSW had the most expensive Greenslips in the country and were inflated because of excessive insurer profits; fraudulent activity; claims were taking years to settle; payouts were being eroded by high legal and investigation costs. 

The reforms ensure there are defined benefits for claimants up to six months after an accident regardless of fault. There is flexibility to assist injured return to work after six months. The scheme retains the right to claim modified common law damages  for those both able to prove fault and with injuries other than soft tissue or minor physiological injuries. 

Labor kicked this can down the road costing Cessnock motorists thousands of dollars. 

Scot MacDonald MLC