Scot MacDonald
Letter to the Editor - Points on Parking
25th Jul 2018

Newcastle Herald

Dear Editor

I refer to Mr Ian King’s letter (23/7/18) regarding trailer parking. Mr King has so many issues mixed up and incorrect, it is difficult to know where to start.

Firstly with parking fines, the NSW Liberal National Government announced in its 2018 Budget, ten of the most common parking fines issued by the State Government will be reduced by 25%. The State sets the mandated minimum level and encouraged Councils to review their parking fines. Mr King should contact his Council if he feels the fines should be set lower now they have that option.

With regards to the parking of trailers with signs, Mr King might to be interested to know the review of this policy began over two years ago. It rests with NSW Planning. Not EPA. NSW Planning began consultations in December 2015. Starting in May 2017 I went on state and local media seeking further public input into the review of State Environmental Planning Policy 64. The SEPP 64 review had a number of aims, but its primary focus was road safety. Trailers with signs parked on the side of the road or visible from the road were seen as a driver distraction and road hazard. Consultation closed at the end of 2017. On behalf of the Government I announced the banning of advertising trailers commenced early this year after a grace period. Local Government is now the consent authority for advertising of this nature unless the sign is on a state transport corridor.

I urge Mr King to go to for factual information.