Scot MacDonald
Letter to the Editor - Why Miss Out?
30th Nov 2018

Maitland Mercury

Dear Editor,

It’s nearly summer and on queue the Hunter Labor MPs are mounting their annual campaign against Boxing Day trading.

Labor is recommitting its promise to return to the old Boxing Day shopping rules. That means most retail outlets, including Greenhills Stocklands, would be forced to close on the 26th December.

Under the ALP, these businesses would be closed and shoppers would once again be travelling to outlets in Sydney or a select few tourism precincts across the State. Doubtless many shoppers would simply ramp up their on-line purchases.

Why should Maitland bargain hunters be disadvantaged? Why should Maitland’s small and large businesses miss out on trade if they so choose. Why should willing staff who want to earn a bit extra be denied the opportunity?

Remember the NSW Government brought in these changes after a trial period that yielded very few complaints. We also ensured anyone coercing an employee to work or forcing a shop to open would face $11,000 and $22,000 penalties respectively.

Labor is perennially about restricting choice and opportunities. Send them a message.

Hon. Scot MacDonald MLC