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Country Leader Column - November

Mon 01st Dec 2014

Report from the NSW Legislative Council   The NSW Legislative Council rose on the 20th November after three weeks sitting. It will not resume ... more details

Representing the Premier Mike Baird at the Shepherd Centre Graduation

Fri 28th Nov 2014

  I was pleased to be able to represent the Premier at todays Shepherd Centre Graduation ceremony. The Shepherd Centre's annual gr... more details


Fri 28th Nov 2014

Scot MacDonald, Liberal Member of the NSW Upper House has urged Hunter pool owners to check their pool on Summer Safety Sunday this weekend. Swimming... more details

My Motion to the NSW Upper House on the ANZAC Memorial Trust

Wed 19th Nov 2014

Mr MacDonald to move—   1.       That this House a.       Notes that an imp... more details

Northern Daily Leader: Vegetation Bill quashed 30 to 3.

Mon 17th Nov 2014

Vegetation bill quashed 30 to 3 By Erin Handley Nov. 13, 2014, midnight   LOCAL farmers are bitterly disappointed after pinning their hop... more details

Native Vegetation Amendment Bill Speech

Wed 12th Nov 2014

Mr SCOT MacDONALD [9.57 p.m.]: I do not think I will be quite as doctrinaire or ideological as a couple of the previous speakers. I endorse the Leader... more details

Country Leader Column for October

Mon 03rd Nov 2014

Report from the NSW Legislative Council   Two weeks of sittings in the NSW Legislative Council in October saw 15 Government Bills and one Priv... more details

Electricity Pricing Report Shows Benefits of Privatisation - Scot MacDonald, ABC News

Wed 29th Oct 2014

Electricity pricing report shows benefits of privatisation By Andrew Griffits Posted about 5 hours agoWed 29 Oct 2014, 8:43am Photo: The Frontie... more details

Scot MacDonald - Investment Most Welcome, The Australian

Wed 22nd Oct 2014

INVESTMENT MOST WELCOME Farming’s future depends on overseas money SUE NEALES RURAL REPORTER SCOTMacDonald may not be the best-known poli... more details

My Letter to the Editor on CSG - Warialda Standard

Wed 15th Oct 2014

Dear Editor, In reference to the letter from Louisa Butler regarding Coal Seam Gas, it may help your readers to clarify a few concerns that she ra... more details

Country Leader Column - September

Mon 29th Sep 2014

The NSW Legislative Council held two weeks of sitting in September. The retiring Governor, Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir... more details

Restore Protections to Injured Workers - SMH

Thu 18th Sep 2014

Lifetime medical benefits and legal representation need to be restored to injured workers, including amputees and those needing hearing aids, a review... more details

My submission to the NSW Government's Biodiversity Review

Tue 02nd Sep 2014

NSW Biodiversity Legislation Review 2 September 2014 Goal for biodiversity conservation:  The 2012 NSW State of the Environment report indica... more details

The Land "Gotcha Greens"

Thu 28th Aug 2014

I read "Hodgkinson CSG mouthpiece" in The Land (21/8) and Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham MLC breathless media release claiming Minister Hodgkinson MP "re... more details

Country Leader - August Column

Mon 25th Aug 2014

The NSW Legislative Council resumed on the 12th August for one week of sittings followed by Budget Estimate hearings. The Disability Inclusion Bill ... more details

Country Leader - Green Activists

Thu 31st Jul 2014

  Country Leader     The Greens have been accused of advocating for animal rights activists caught spying on farmers to be immune f... more details

Country Leader - June Column

Sun 29th Jun 2014

Country Leader The NSW Legislative Council met in the second last week of June before rising for the Winter break. The main business of the Council w... more details

Adjournment Speech - Rebuilding NSW

Tue 17th Jun 2014

REBUILDING NEW SOUTH WALES   Mr SCOT MacDONALD [10.26 p.m.]: The Australian Labor Party [ALP] is the equivalent of this State's political boa... more details

Lack of Labor policies stymies debate - Newcastle Herald

Wed 11th Jun 2014

The next NSW State election is less than 10 months away.  Policies from the major parties should be crystallising. Hunter communities could be fo... more details

Country Leader May Column

Thu 22nd May 2014

The NSW Legislative Council sitting fortnight began with confirmationof the appointment of the new Premier, the Hon. Mike Baird MP; Hon.Matthew Mason-... more details

Wilderness Society needs to be more upfront - Northern Daily Leader

Tue 20th May 2014

It is good to see the Wilderness Society taking an interest in our region. I refer to the story in the NDL, 17th May where the Society has contributed... more details

Allianz Insurance Statement on Cover & Coal Seam Gas

Wed 14th May 2014

"Recent mediareporting of the potential impact on home insurance of the establishment of acoal seam gas facility on land used solely for residential p... more details

Adjournment Speech - the Greens Policies

Thu 08th May 2014

  THE GREENS POLICIES   Mr SCOT MacDONALD [4.12 p.m.]: The public has told New South Wales politicians loud and clear that it will not s... more details

Anzac Day Address at the Guyra RSL

Fri 25th Apr 2014

It was an honour to give the address at the ANZAC Day commemoration in Guyra last Friday. I hope it was a worthy reflection of the respect all Austra... more details

Country Leader April Column

Wed 09th Apr 2014

The NSW Legislative Council resumed on the 18th March. The Council debated the Crimes Amendment Intoxication Bill in the first week. The Bill requires... more details

Scot MacDonald in the Daily Telegraph - Scaremongering is weapon of choice to promote division

Thu 27th Mar 2014

Sometimes the contempt the NSW Greens have for regional Australia and those who live and work there shows its ugly side. Max Phillips, a Marrickville ... more details

Country Leader March Column

Mon 03rd Mar 2014

The NSW Legislative Council resumes on the 4th March. In January the Council sat and passed two Bills. The CRIMES AND OTHER LEGISLATION AMENDMENT (A... more details

Claims Warning - Armidale Independent letter to the Editor

Wed 19th Feb 2014

Claims Warning Over the past few months your paper has published letters and articles by a few local residents who have protested at the Maules Creek... more details

Adjournment Speech - Labor Economic Policy

Thu 30th Jan 2014

LABOR ECONOMIC POLICY   Mr SCOT MacDONALD [7.21 p.m.]: We start the last full year of this term of Parliament and already New South Wales Labor... more details

Blockies need to pay

Thu 16th Jan 2014

IN REFERENCE to "Blockies on the LLS rate radar" (The Land December 26, 2013, p3), the President of the Local Government Association of NSW Keith Rhoa... more details