Scot MacDonald
9th Nov 2017

Heritage listed T&G Building and Civic Railway Workshops Group in Newcastle will share in $150,000 in NSW Government grants to help slash the building’s energy bills, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC announced today.

Cedtory Pty Limited will receive $100,000 to upgrade and replace ageing air conditioning systems with energy efficient systems to all levels of the T&G Building at45 Hunter Street, Newcastle. The new system will be controlled through a basic Building Management System (BMS).

Newcastle City Council will receive $50,000 to repair and upgrade existing standard lighting to more energy efficient LED for energy and maintenance savings at the Civic Railway Workshops Group at 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle.

The Government is providing funding for energy upgrades to state and locally listed heritage items because it recognises the challenge with retrofitting older buildings with energy efficient appliances and equipment.

“This program is great for our heritage because it means we can help reduce the running costs, freeing up the owner to invest in the maintenance and protection of these assets,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Many of these buildings were constructed in a time before sustainability measures were considered.”

The funding program was open to owners of state heritage listed buildings and buildings listed on council Local Environment Plans.

This is one of six projects to share in $464,000 in funding for energy efficient upgrades.

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