Scot MacDonald
14th Nov 2017

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC is encouraging the Hunter community to engage with the proposed changes to NSW Planning policies regulating farming.

Changes proposed include consolidating the following five existing SEPPs to a new Primary Production and Rural Development SEPP:

  • State Environmental Planning Policy (Rural Lands) 2008 (Rural Lands SEPP)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 30 - Intensive Agriculture (SEPP 30)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 52 - Farm Dams and Other Works in Land and Water Management Plan Areas (SEPP 52)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 62 - Sustainable Aquaculture (SEPP 62)
  • Sydney Regional Environmental Plan 8 - Central Coast Plateau Areas (SREP 8)

The NSW Government is proposing changes to the planning system to further support sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and rural development.

These changes will help ensure planning proposals affecting rural land are properly assessed and provide greater certainty to farmers on the types of activities that will require development consent.

“Primary production and managing rural development is vitally important to the Hunter” Mr MacDonald said.

“The proposed SEPP aims to consolidate existing policies to support sustainable agriculture and aquaculture in the Hunter, which is important to both the tourism and primary production markets”.

“The proposed reforms are in line with the Hunter Regional Plan directives to protect and enhance agricultural productivity and manage the ongoing use of natural resources”.

Submissions are currently open until 18th December 2017

For further information and to view the proposed SEPP visit: