Scot MacDonald
17th Nov 2017

Cessnock City Council has received $226,666 in grants from the NSW Liberal National Government to help protect the Cessnock community from flood risks, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC announced today.

Three projects have been funded:

  • Black Creek flood warning system concept design - $33,333

The design of a flood warning system that can provide early alerts to property owners and occupants as well as local emergency services of flood threats to Cessnock.

  • Swamp Creek flood warning system concept design - $33,333

The design of a flood warning system to warn residents and local emergency services of flood threats to Abermain and Weston.

  • Wollombi Valley total flood warning system construction - $160,000

The proposed project involves the installation and commissioning of a total flood warning system to alert residents, visitors and local emergency services to flood threats in Wollombi.

The NSW Government’s Floodplain Management grant program provides funding to councils to help manage local flood risks. 

“This funding helps reduce the impacts of flooding on communities” Mr MacDonald said.

“We want to help councils protect residents and their properties from the impact of flooding.” 

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent welcomed this much-needed funding boost and the opportunity to partner with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) as part of the Floodplain Management Program.

“When we have high rain events in our beautiful part of the Hunter Valley, the risk of flooding is very real, which many people in our community have experienced first-hand.”

“These projects will go a long way to improving services and building resilience in the communities of Cessnock, Abermain, Weston and Wollombi and more importantly, to reduce the personal risk of being caught in or isolated by flood water.”

“We look forward to working closely with the OEH and State Emergency Services and being in a better position to prepare and respond to local flood emergencies,” added Cr Pynsent.

This grant program supports councils, which hold the important role of managing their communities flood risk, to undertake priority projects to assess the risks and provide increased levels of flood protection in NSW.

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