Scot MacDonald
20th Nov 2017

Central Coast Council has received $313,333 in grants from the NSW Liberal National Government to help protect the Central Coast community from flood risks, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald MLC announced today.

The NSW Government’s Floodplain Management grant program provides funding to Councils to help manage local flood risks. 

Three projects have been funded:

  • Woy Woy Peninsula floodplain risk management study and plan - $160,000

Required to progress the floodplain risk management process and identify and investigate various options to manage the identified flood risks in the flood prone areas of the Woy Woy Peninsula to mitigate the impact of future flood events.

  • Lake Macquarie catchments overland flood study - $86,666

Fully two dimensional hydraulic model to be developed for the catchments, with associated flood extents, levels, depths, velocities, hazards, hydraulic categories and flood planning areas to be mapped.

  • Wallarah Creek floodplain risk management study and plan - $86,666

Guide land use planning, development control and prioritise critical trunk drainage infrastructure for upgrade.

“This funding helps reduce the impacts of flooding on communities” Mr MacDonald said.

“We want to help councils protect residents and their properties from the impact of flooding.” 

Council Director Assets, Infrastructure and Business Mike Dowling, welcomed the funding for flood studies in key areas on the Coast. 

“We are grateful for the support offered through the NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Grant program, which will allow Council to consider options to better manage overland water flow issues on the Coast,” Mr Dowling said.

“This funding will help Council identify and investigate various options to best manage the areas that are experiencing localised and other flooding.

“Council’s goal is to have plans in place to help us to make good decisions about how to best manage flood prone lands.

“The main outcome will be to prioritise capital works projects and to develop smart planning controls to better inform future planning of infrastructure upgrades and further development.”

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