Scot MacDonald
19th Feb 2018

“The NSW Liberal National Government is investing in the future of TAFE in Newcastle. TAFE NSW currently receives $1.7 billion, or 77.3 percent, of the State’s $2.2 billion skills budget. By their own admission, if Labor was in charge, they’d cut TAFE’s budget to leave it with only 70 per cent of the funding and give private training providers an extra $124 million.”

“The Hunter region is seeing enrolment growth in key skill areas with an 18 per cent increase across Certificate III and Certificate IV trade qualifications which are not only vital to the State’s economy, but where all the jobs are being created.”

“The NSW Government is reforming TAFE NSW to boost teaching resources, better meet student needs and remove unnecessary wastage inherited from Labor. More than 400 new additional permanent positions have been created across the State, including 97 senior teaching leadership roles.”

“Labor has no credibility when it comes to the management TAFE NSW. 16 years of Labor Government saw TAFE NSW left in a mess with spiralling operating costs, duplication and appalling wastage.”