Scot MacDonald
4th Apr 2018

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin and Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC today announced that Newcastle Studio Potters will receive $15,000 from the NSW Government’s Arts & Cultural Development Program.

The funding will go towards the replacement of two aged and unreliable kilns with two new Woodrow kilns including shelving and dedicated ventilation with the aim to improve and increase access to ceramic art equipment, workshop amenity and health and safety

The Arts & Cultural Development Program is an innovative $350,000 fund designed to support smaller-scale capital infrastructure across arts and cultural venues.

Matched funding of up to $60,000 is available to improve venues, repair and conserve collections or to purchase new equipment to improve the usability of arts and cultural facilities.

“Newcastle Studio Potters is a vital part of the arts community in our area, and this funding will encourage it to go from strength to strength,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Arts funding is not only important for the continued cultural vibrancy in Newcastle, but also has economic spin-offs, creating employment and a place where people want to live.”

“These changes will boost capacity and public engagement across our creative hubs and bring benefits for employment, regeneration and tourism,” Minister Harwin said.

Newcastle Studio Potters is this year celebrating their 50th anniversary.

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