Scot MacDonald
5th Apr 2018

Upper House Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and the Hunter, Scot MacDonald MLC has welcomed laws that now ban advertising trailers in the State.

Fines now apply to individuals and companies illegally using roadside advertising trailers.

“These changes made in late 2017, came into effect on 1 March 2018 to improve road safety and reduce driver distraction” Mr MacDonald said.

“For too long, safety has been at risk and suburban streets from end to end jammed with trailers with advertising”.

“The new outdoor advertising laws crack down on trailers which block or disrupt motorists’ vision, making them a potential road safety hazard. The laws were introduced with a three-month goodwill period that has now elapsed” Mr MacDonald stated.

State Environmental Planning Policy No. 64 – Advertising and Signage (SEPP 64) requires signage to be compatible with:

•        the future character of an area,

•        provide effective communication in suitable locations and

•        be of high quality design and finish.

The SEPP also regulates signage, provides time-limited consents, regulates the display of advertising in transport corridors, and ensures that public benefits may be derived from advertising in and adjacent to transport corridors.

“The changes ban advertisements on parked trailers on roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips, excluding advertising associated with the primary use of the trailer, e.g. tradies trailer, and public authorities.  Require consent for displaying signage on trailers parked on private land in view from roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips.”

“The Minister or his Delegate can still allow advertising in transport corridors if it is deemed safe and appropriate” Mr MacDonald concluded.