Scot MacDonald
12th Apr 2018

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald MLC today welcomed Mayor Jane Smith and Acting CEO Brian Glendenning to NSW Parliament.

“I invited the Mayor and Acting CEO to attend a presentation by Professor Mary O’Kane, new Chair of the Independent Planning Commission (formerly Planning Assessment Commission) to Hunter Councils and Central Coast Council, “Mr MacDonald said.

“Professor O’Kane explained the function of the IPC, how the Chair sees the new IPC engaging with regional communities and how the Commission can work more closely with Local Government.”

This was followed by meetings with the offices of the Minister for Environment, Local Government and Heritage, Minister for Sport and Minister for Tourism and Major Events.

“The Central Coast Council is one of the largest LGAs in the state and one of the fastest growing. Its success and sustainable development is critical to its community and the state of NSW. I am determined the NSW Government has the closest possible relationship and it is productive.”

“The merger and creation of Central Coast Council has been a demanding, but positive undertaking. Its continued success will be ensured with a frank, constructive relationship with the NSW Government and I commend Mayor Smith for her advocacy today in Parliament.”