Scot MacDonald
4th Apr 2018

John Hunter Hospital will now be equipped with a redeveloped Maternity Assessment Day Unit (MADU) and Acute General Surgical Unit (AGSU).

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald said he was delighted to launch these new state-of-the-art facilities.

Mr MacDonald said “the new MADU is now located in to a more appropriate area adjacent to the Birth Suite. The new MADU unit has two single-assessment rooms, a procedure room, a four-bed assessment room, and utility rooms to support & service the unit.  There is also a small waiting and refreshment area for women waiting on results or further consultation”.

“The MADU averages 600 presentations per month, including planned day-stay assessments and walk in presentations.  This is obviously a much needed facility which will serve the needs and interests and interests women and new borns” Mr MacDonald stated.

Stage 2B of the NICU project has been completed. It consists of 12 Neonatal intensive care cots.  The final stage is due for completion in June/July 2018 and this includes 2 x 4 bed intensive care rooms, an isolation/procedure room and an isolation negative pressure room.

Hunter New England Local Health District has redeveloped an existing space in John Hunter Hospital for a dedicated 6-bed Acute General Surgical Unit (AGSU).  The $2.6 million redevelopment project is a locally-funded initiative. A dedicated AGSU space allows the rapid assessment, treatment and admission of emergency patients, particularly those with abdominal pain and other acute general surgical conditions.

Mr MacDonald said “the six additional AGSU beds in a designated unit will improve patient transfer from the ED into surgery.  This new designated AGSU space will help reduce length of stay, and provide a clearer pathway through the emergency and surgical journey”.

“The redevelopment has also provided a more appropriate space for the Renal Procedure Clinic (RPC).   The RPC has been operating at John Hunter Hospital since its opening, providing core nephrology and transplant outpatient procedural services”.

“I am pleased that the new RPC space will improve service delivery and ensure care in a clinically safe and appropriate environment:  Mr MacDonald concluded.