Scot MacDonald
16th May 2018

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC joined the Minister for Industry the Hon Niall Blair yesterday to welcome 25 startups from the Central Coast and Hunter who travelled to NSW Parliament on the Startup Xpress.

The startups were accompanied by ABC TV and radio presenter James O’Loghlin to pitch at CeBIT Australia, Asia Pacific’s largest technology conference.

The Business Centre in Newcastle, which is part of the NSW Government’s $30 million Business Connect network, organised the visit.

Mr MacDonald said he was impressed by the calibre of the companies present and wished them luck pitching at CeBIT.

“It is great to see the Central Coast and Hunter so well represented at CeBIT, with the support of the Department of Industry through several initisatives to support the startup industry,” Mr MacDonald said.

Residents from Eighteen04, Three76 and participants to the Hunter Regional Incubator Program curated by The Business Centre were in attendance.

Eight of the 25 companies on board the Startup Xpress were assisted by Jobs for NSW.

The Startup Xpress was made possible by the regional incubator program called Start House, which is being run by the Business Centre in Newcastle with support from Business Connect.

CeBIT is the largest & longest running business technology conference & exhibition in the Asia Pacific attracting 15,000 people. It is held every year in Sydney and backed by the NSW Government.