Scot MacDonald
31st Jul 2018

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC today announced the awarding of a $500,000 contract to the UNSW Sydney’s Water Research Laboratory to review the impacts of climate change on the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme.

“Water Research Laboratory (WRL) has been awarded the contract for a ‘Hydraulic review and cost benefit analysis of the impact climate change will have on the scheme’,” Mr MacDonald said.

“This major body of work is the first step in a broader strategic review of the scheme being undertaken by the Office of Environment (OEH) in partnership with Hunter Local Land Services (LLS).”

“The strategic review will assess whether the Scheme is fit for purpose and will meet the needs of the Hunter region in the future.”

“The review will provide the information required to efficiently prioritise future investment in the scheme.”

“It will ensure that the Government and customers who pay Hunter Catchment Contributions receive maximum value for their investment in the scheme.”

“OEH has committed $25 million over the next five years under the Climate Change Fund, while Hunter Local Land Services will also contribute more than $6 million to maintain this vital service.”

“With assets valued at more than $860 million, the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme, which consists of 184 kilometers of levees, 379 floodgates and 164 kilometres of drainage channels, is the largest integrated flood mitigation scheme in NSW.”

“The scheme protects the communities of the Hunter from minor-moderate flooding, and mitigates the effects of flooding on valuable agricultural land.”

“OEH is responsible for the care and maintenance of the scheme, and ensuring the scheme serves its function and is fit for the future considering changes associated with climate change is vital.”

Funding for the strategic review is being provided by OEH Floodplain Management Program with supporting funding being provided by Hunter Local Land Services.