Scot MacDonald
16th Aug 2018

Transport for NSW has announced the section of road connecting Orchard Road to its New Intercity Fleet rail maintenance facility site at Kangy Angy is proposed to be re-classified to retain vegetation.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald MLC said he is pleased an outcome has been reached that will no longer see the remaining trees cleared in response to community feedback.

“I acknowledge the considerable concern raised by community members about tree removal during early construction,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Transport for NSW has assured me that it is their commitment to deliver infrastructure while minimising impact to residents and the environment.”

“I am pleased to confirm that Transport for NSW, their contractor John Holland and Central Coast Council met to explore options to quickly resolve residents’ concerns and have reached a positive outcome.”

“The road that connects the facility to Orchard Road is proposed to be re-classified by Council as a rural road. Previously this was planned to be an industrial road.”

“Re-classifying it means design adjustments can now be made. In particular reducing the width and footprint needed to build the road so there is no longer a need to clear the additional trees.

“The access road will now be a similar width to Orchard Road. It will have a spray seal, no kerb or guttering or lighting.”

Transport for NSW and Central Coast Council will continue to refine the design of the Orchard Road intersection and this will be shared with the community once finalised.

For further information, please visit the New Intercity Fleet Program Maintenance Facility project at, call the Project Infoline on 1800 684 490 or email