Scot MacDonald
19th Oct 2018

Projects that light up Newcastle’s stunning harbour make up some of the successful applications in Round 4 of the 2018 Newcastle Port Community Contribution Fund.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald MLC announced that five new community infrastructure projects would benefit from the Round 4 Fund, with a total value of $1.35 million going into projects to enhance the port-side areas for the community. 

“I am pleased to announce that a good mixture of community activation and port-side infrastructure works make up this year’s successful projects,” Mr MacDonald said.

“The $1.35 million will be awarded to ‘Projecting Newcastle’, ‘Cottage Creek Beautification’, ‘Seafarer Volunteer Service’, ‘Camp Shortland Precinct Activation’, and ‘Lightscape’.

“The largest single grant this year is $450,000 towards Hunter Water’s work to explore ‘Cottage Creek Beautification - Bank Amenity Works’. Pending environmental investigations, community engagement, design and approvals, the project could see new vegetation, open areas and promenades introduced along the stormwater channel, stretching from the rail line to Honeysuckle Drive.”

Hunter Water’s Managing Director Jim Bentley said Hunter Water welcomed the $450,000 grant.

“This grant will allow Hunter Water to continue its exploration of the liveability and public amenity benefits of naturalising the existing Cottage Creek channel, and allow us to work with our communities and stakeholders to finalise design, environmental investigations and approvals,” Mr Bentley said.

“Naturalising the Cottage Creek stormwater channel would transform the current concrete waterway into a thriving space for community recreation and greatly improve the environmental and social amenity of the area.”

“There are also two separate lighting/projection projects that will add attractive activation to the harbour, with the University of Newcastle successful with its Honeysuckle ‘Lightscape’ project and GrainCorp successful with its ‘Projecting Newcastle’ initiative,” Mr MacDonald said.

These will use state-of-the-art laser technology to project images and video onto some of Newcastle’s iconic structures and landscapes, providing safe night-time attractions to bring people into the city after dark.

In addition to this, the city will benefit from significant infrastructure improvement with Newcastle City Council’s ‘Camp Shortland Precinct Activation’ that involves temporary infrastructure improvements to the Camp Shortland site, including children’s play areas, walkways, seating and exercise equipment.

“The Port is a focal point for the Newcastle community from a social and economic perspective, so it’s great we are able to provide funding for projects that enhance the community’s enjoyment of it.

The next round of applications under the Newcastle Port Community Contribution will open in early 2018. 

The successful Round 4 projects are:

Projecting Newcastle (GrainCorp Operations Limited)

Installation of state-of-the-art laser projectors to upgrade the city’s ability to support community initiatives and events. Using the same proven technology used for the Vivid light festival in Sydney, the projectors are capable of projecting images and video in high-definition, visible from across the harbour.

Cottage Creek Bank Amenity Works (Hunter Water Corporation)

Aims to enhance the waterway between the rail line and Honeysuckle Drive for improved environmental and social amenity. The proposed works, including new vegetation, sandstone terracing and public spaces, would add significant improvements to any public domain works constructed adjacent to the stormwater channel and improve the overall amenity of the creek. The project design phase is commencing which will confirm the feasibility of constructing the works.

Port of Newcastle Seafarer Activation (Mission to Seafarers – Newcastle)

Aims to provide a new minibus for volunteer drivers to bring seafarers, members of the often-forgotten \'floating community\' from the port into Hunter Street, Carrington, Wickham and the Port precinct. The ongoing project provides them with free Wi-Fi to connect with their families, donated second-hand clothing, free food, beanies, magazines and books, as well as a chapel and games room.

Camp Shortland Precinct Activation (Newcastle City Council)

The adaptive reuse of the section of new pavement constructed for the Newcastle 500 Supercars Event between Nobbys Beach car park and Horseshoe Beach car park.

Honeysuckle Lights: Lightscape (University of Newcastle)

Part of the larger placemaking Project Lightscape, this will use digital projection technology to engage the community by activating Brake Block Park, a dimly lit green-space located at 101 Honeysuckle Drive.