Scot MacDonald
10th May 2017

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Scot MacDonald MLC has welcomed tough and smart reforms to the NSW criminal justice system.

“The NSW Government is investing more than $200 million in reforms to deliver swift and more certain justice, strengthen sentencing and parole and hold offenders accountable. These reforms will make the Central Coast community safer,” Mr MacDonald said.

Under the proposed reforms and legislation being developed:

  • Sentencing discounts will be tightly prescribed to encourage offenders to make earlier guilty pleas. This will reduce stress for victims and help them move on with their lives, reduce court delays and help get our local police officers back on our streets protecting the Central Coast community sooner;
  • Suspended sentences, no more than a slap on the wrist, will be abolished and replaced with increased supervision to hold offenders accountable for their crimes and address the root causes of their offending;
  • All parole decisions will apply a new community safety test, and Community Corrections Officers will have more tools to manage parole breaches with swift and escalating penalties; and
  • The most dangerous sex and violent offenders will be more easily targeted for ongoing detention and supervision after their sentences end with improvements to the management of high risk offenders.

“These reforms are a major win for the Central Coast, with more tools for our police, courts and community corrections officers to keep our community safe”, Mr MacDonald said.

These reforms continue the NSW Government’s strong record of criminal justice reform, which includes tough new sentences for child sex offenders, a crackdown on ice manufacturers and dealers and rolling out the NSW Police Domestic Violence High Risk Offender Teams.

Adam Crouch MP Member for Terrigal said “As a member of the NSW Government I am pleased that today we announced a series of tougher and smarter justice reforms. These will deliver justice more quickly to our communities and more importantly the victims.

In addition these reforms will also strengthen sentencing options which will ensure offenders are rigorously supervised when serving community orders.”

Key stakeholders, including victims groups, law enforcement agencies and the legal profession, will be consulted on the draft legislation to implement these reforms. For more information visit

For Mr MacDonald: Scot MacDonald | 02 9230 2393
For Mr Crouch: Kerryanne Delaney | 0410 491 956