Scot MacDonald
29th May 2017

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley’s plans for Affordable Housing on government land has been undermined by one of his own MPs and Labor controlled Newcastle City Council.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald MLC, said Labor’s weekend announcement of a 25% mandate for Affordable Housing on released government land has no basis in reality.

Last month NSW Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts MP announced a proposed 30 Unit Affordable Housing project on the disused heavy rail corridor in the Newcastle CBD.

The project came with $4 million of State government funding (including approximately $1 million of land value) and a recommendation that Newcastle City Council utilise the Commonwealth’s $3million of Building Better Cities funds it had been sitting on for over a decade.

Newcastle City Council has back pedaled on the necessary rezoning for this project.

Labor’s State MP for Newcastle, Tim Crackanthorp has publically watered down his Party’s push for Affordable Housing on government land by not backing the rail corridor housing project.

Who is in charge of ALP housing policy? It is chaotic and only serves to delay suitable homes for workers in key occupations such as nurses and police officers.

What Labor says and what they do have always be two different universes.

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