Scot MacDonald
20th Jun 2017

The Member for Port Stephens has been removed from the NSW Legislative Assembly on Budget Day.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald MLC, said “The Speaker has again removed Kate Washington MP in Question Time. Ms Washington is a serial offender and continues to let her community down. Question Time on the day the NSW Budget is handed down is possibly one of the most important events on the Parliaments calendar. It is an opportunity to ask questions on behalf of her constituency.”

“The Liberal National Government is delivering sound economic management and record infrastructure across the State.”

“Ms Washington is accountable for her commitments to the Port Stephens community. To date her record is negligible. That is not a reflection of the region, it goes to weak advocacy including regular absences from the Chamber.”

“The Liberal National Government is delivering for the Hunter after a long period of neglect. It includes funding for the revitalisation of Newcastle; planning for the Lower Hunter Hospital; school upgrades; support for a Strategic case for the Lake Macquarie transport interchange; another $75million for the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund.”

“The public expects its members to engage constructively and for the benefit of its community and seize opportunities to build economic and social capital. The Labor MP for Port Stephens is failing the people who gave her chance in 2015.”

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