Scot MacDonald
30th Jun 2017

Remediation work has been completed at King Edward Headland Reserve in Newcastle following a $95,000 grant from the NSW Government to remove rubbish, debris and fencing from the site.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald MLC said the site has been completely transformed.

“The Newcastle Bowling Club was demolished in 2010 but a full clean-up was needed to remove debris and hazards to make the area safe for the public,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Landscaping has improved the amenity of the site and building rubble, concrete pads and a defective pathway have all been removed.

“All of the potential heritage items on the site have been retained including the masonry fence, bowling greens, flagpole and a drinking fountain.”

Mr MacDonald said the site is now fully accessible to the public.

“Security fencing has been removed and the community can once again enjoy the spectacular views of the coast and access the new recreation area.”

The Heritage Council of NSW is currently considering listing the King Edward Headland Reserve on the state heritage register.

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