Scot MacDonald
3rd Jul 2017

Patients and carers who frequently visit Gosford Hospital can benefit from abolished concessional car parking fees under expanded concessions from 1st July 2017, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Scot MacDonald MLC announced today.

Mr MacDonald said a website and smartphone app – the first of its kind in Australia – will provide information on how to access the discounted rates.

“The NSW Government has implemented a much fairer system that helps those most in need with car parking costs at public hospitals – particularly patients and carers who visit frequently or for long-term treatments,” Mr MacDonald said.

“The new website and app will also make it much easier for public hospital patients and visitors to understand how to access the expanded concessions, as well as providing useful information on their local hospital.”

Signage will be displayed prominently throughout paid parking car parks with instructions on how and where patients can validate concessional parking.

The website and app include the following features:

  • A quick search for hospitals by name address or from a map;
  • Pricing, opening hours and a hospital campus map if available;
  • Concession parking information such as rates, eligibility and how to obtain the discounted rate at the hospital;
  • Hospital details including address, phone number, visiting hours, and a link to the hospitals’ websites;
  • Public transport options to hospital including train, bus, ferry, and community transport;
  • Links to services such as the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme, NSW Community Transport Program (CTP), NSW Health Isolated Patient Travel & Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS), and Carer Gateway;
  • Available in English and eight community languages.

Those eligible for free concessional hospital car parking include patients and carers attending hospital for treatment lasting more than a week, patients and carers attending more than twice a week, ongoing cancer treatment patients, cardiac rehabilitation education exercise class attendees, daily dressing outpatients and health promotion education class attendees.

It is worth noting NSW Labor was not able to offer Parking savings at our larger Hospitals because of poor financial management when they were in Government.

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