Scot MacDonald
9th Aug 2017

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald MLC is reminding the Central Coast community of the range of NSW Government waste and recycling grants currently available.

The following grant programs through the Office of Environment and Heritage are currently active or opening soon:

  • Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement, August 2017
    Aimed to increase recycling of household and business waste
  • Industrial Ecology - Civil Construction Markets, September 2017
    Promotes the use of waste from one civil construction project as a useful input into another.
  • Litter - Regional Implementation Plan (Joint Councils), currently open
    Prevention support program for the development and implementation of litter prevention plans identified in Regional Waste Strategies.
  • Community recycling centres, 18th August 2017
    Aimed at establishing infrastructure that will be used for community recycling centres or similar mobile services.
  • Major Resource Recovery Infrastructure,5th September 2017
    To fund new and renovated waste and recycling infrastructure to meet the NSW 2021 recycling targets.
  • Combating Illegal Dumping: Clean-up and Prevention Program, 11th September 2017
    To identify local illegal dumping sites and implement prevention and clean-up action on publicly managed land.
  • Recycling Innovation, 17th October 2017
    To support innovative projects that will provide new recycling infrastructure solutions, establish (or expand) recycled material markets
  • Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements Grants, 19th September 2017
    To support regional rural and councils with landfill consolidation and closure.

“The NSW Government is committed to working with councils, industry operators and community groups to safeguard the Central Coast environment,” Mr MacDonald said.

“There is funding and programs available for agencies across the board, whether they be volunteer or professional community organisations, Councils or industry operators, there is assistance available”

Further details about the various grants and programs offered by the Office of Environment and Environmental Protection Agency can be accessed at;

Scot MacDonald | 02 9230 2393